I believe in the power of music. As a vocalist and songwriter I have dedicated my life to these healing sounds. Sounds you might know from churches, west African rituals, a nightclub or maybe that melody that spontaneously appears in your head. It’s bigger than a genre it is a vibration. I draw from nature, the richness of pan african culture, rhythm, the spirit world and my emotions. And I let it flow. 

Papa Goni

In Papa Goni I found a sacred space to explore my inspirations with a group of dedicated musicians. The people describe us as African Inspired world music. The music is rooted in tradition. Check us out here.

Mushroom Mosis

Mushroom Mosis captures my journey of self love. It’s a snap shot …is a reflection of emotions. Mushroom Mosis is an archive of my emotional journey. Mushroom Mosis my personal archive. It kinda sound like jazzy, soulful deeply personal blues. Check me out here….

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